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About Us

Conflict Victim and Disable Society-Nepal (CVDS-Nepal hereinafter) is a non profit social organization established in 2005 with a mission to enhance opportunities and uplift the livelihood of conflict victims and persons with disabilities (pwd's) in Nepal. It is governed by a board of members and an advisory committee. Read More
  • Objectives

    • With realizations that love, harmony and peace are necessary for the enhancing the life of our target groups, CVDS aims at creating avenues so that the existing negative views and social prejudice towards them can slowly be eradicated. The organization is clear about its objectives, which can be cited as under:

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  • Activities of CVDS

    • CVDS Nepal is planning to run vocational School as project. It will be mainly support to lifting thousands of the persons with disability and others marginalize group. CVDS Nepal is focusing and promoting the livelihood of 1000 persons with disability and marginalized people in 10 years period through Nepali Lokta paper production and paper crafting opportunity.

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  • Members & Staffs

    • The organization has a total 09 executive members from diverse background. It also has full time working staffs and consultant and legal advisors. The number of employees varies as per various projects undertaken. There are 5 women in decision making level in the organization. The organization operates its capacity building &

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  • Support Us

    • The physically disabled people from the backward society of the country have gartered courage to establish their lives independently. Your support to acknowledging their effort and buying their products will surely contribute to the continuity of such efforts. We humbly request you to purchase the products made by disabled and hence, provide them the opportunities of self employment

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  • Support UsClick here to contact CVDS Nepal